State Representatives Casey Kozlowski (R-Pierpont) and Ron Young (R-Leroy Twp.) recently introduced legislation that, when enacted, will spur economic development by reducing oppressive regulations on Ohio’s distillers.

Reps. Kozlowski and Young jointly introduced House Bill 243 earlier this month to lighten burdensome restrictions on the A-3a liquor permit, which would allow more distillers to obtain the permit and therefore drive more economic growth and investment in Ohio.

“In a time when jobs are scarce and the population of Ohio has declined, the evolution of business expansion is essential to entice individuals to take root in this state and prosper,” Rep. Kozlowski said. “This bill would allow for the expansion of business for distillers in Ohio, as well as benefit the tourism industry for people who visit distilleries and wineries for taste tests and want to purchase the product on location.”

Under current law, an A-3a permit can only be obtained in counties with 800,000 residents and may be issued to only one distiller in that county. This limits the gross majority of counties from obtaining this permit and creates a power grab for the permit in counties that meet the population requirement.

House Bill 243 removes the 800,000 population county requirement and allows for unlimited distillers to acquire this permit in each county.

“We have an opportunity to help many of the businesses in our communities succeed while also increasing revenue from tourism,” said Rep. Young. “As lawmakers, we need to constantly seek ways to make Ohio marketable and make our state economy more attractive. House Bill 243 is another step toward this goal and I look forward to discussing this bill with my House colleagues.”

House Bill 243 will soon be assigned to a House committee, where it will undergo debate and consideration.


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