State Representatives Dave Burke (R-Marysville) and Cheryl Grossman (R-Grove City) recently introduced legislation that, when enacted, would streamline state spending and save significant tax dollars.

House Bill 264 would implement the recommendations of the Sunset Review Committee by terminating, transferring or renewing various boards, commissions or committees. The committee, after an extensive two-year review of more than 275 such boards and commissions, has recommended the termination of more than 80 commissions based on criteria including cost effectiveness, transparency and redundancy.

Additionally, House Bill 264 would provide for the committee’s activities to recommence in 2015 during the 131st General Assembly.

"A more effective government starts with elimination of ineffective or no longer needed functions,” Burke said. “This bill ends some of the needless spending on boards and commissions which no longer serve a purpose to the state or taxpayer."

“As we look to how we can manage government in the most efficient manner, this legislation is important to demonstrate our continued fiscal responsibility in the operation of Ohio,” Grossman said.

House Bill 264 will now be assigned to a House committee, where it will undergo further consideration and debate.


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