State Representative Anne Gonzales (R-Westerville) and State Representative Terry Johnson (R-McDermott) today presented a House resolution on the floor of the chamber to honor the service of Ohio’ nurses throughout the state.

The resolution, which also recognizes National Nurses Week in Ohio, was presented to Paula Anderson, who is president of the board of the Ohio Nurses Association. National Nurses Week lasts from May 6th through May 12th, starting on National Nurses Day and ending on the birthday of Florence Nightingale, who is the founder of modern nursing.

“Nurses are committed to patient safety, preventing patient suffering, providing quality care, and comforting patients and their families,” Rep. Gonzales said. “For all they do for Ohio’s citizens, I am pleased to present this resolution.”

The resolution is a way of honoring the more than 3.1 million registered nurses nationwide, including more than 160,000 who hold a license to practice in Ohio.

“As a doctor, I certainly appreciate what nurses do for our communities,” Rep. Johnson said. “From a scrape on the knee to very life-threatening situations, they are on the front lines caring for us. And they should be honored for this service.”


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