In response to inaccurate Democrat assertions regarding Substitute House Bill 194—which will modernize Ohio’s elections process, streamline operations and reduce costs for local boards of elections—State Representative Bob Mecklenborg (R-Cincinnati) released the following statement:

“Substitute House Bill 194 is a comprehensive, sweeping set of reforms that will bolster honest democracy and improve voter access for Ohioans. As the sponsor of this bill and as the chairman of the House State Government and Elections Committee, I have taken special care to look closely at our current elections process and ensure that our system does not waste tax dollars, create loopholes or disenfranchise voters.

“As expected, there will be some naysayers who will attempt to twist and mischaracterize this bill into something it’s not. The politics of distraction have continued to scream from the sidelines on many good, common-sense bills that have passed during this General Assembly, despite the necessity that we constantly reexamine our laws, improve them and strive to do better.

“There is no reason why we should settle for ‘good enough,’ especially when the integrity of the democratic process is at stake. I’m proud of what House Bill 194 has the potential to accomplish, and I look forward to continuing this conversation with my colleagues who are open to a constructive, honest discussion.”

Sub. H.B. 194 strives to increase voter accessibility by making Ohio law consistent with ADA ramp requirements for Ohioans with disabilities, eliminating the need for duplicate forms by allowing a provisional voter to use the affirmation form for change of name or address, and reduces the number of reasons why a voter may be required to cast a provisional ballot, among other measures.

It also adopts many of the Secretary of State’s recommendations to improve voter efficiency and ensure the integrity of voter rolls. Additionally, it simplifies and cuts down on provisional ballots, allows individuals to change registration online, retains no-fault absentee voting, and allows the process to begin for electronic poll books.


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