Today, the Ohio House of Representatives passed legislation that allows for restoration of gun ownership rights under certain conditions, which would bring Ohio into compliance with a recent Supreme Court/BATFE ruling that states that to restore gun ownership rights for someone under firearm disability, there must be a complete restoration.

House Bill 54 expands the categories of those who may apply for relief from a disability against acquiring, having, carrying or using any firearm so that any person who is prohibited from acquiring, having, carrying or using firearms may apply for relief.

“I’m pleased that House Bill 54 passed from the House because it will successfully bring Ohio’s gun ownership laws in line with federal law,” said Rep. Ron Maag (R-Lebanon), who jointly sponsored the legislation with Rep. Jarrod Martin (R-Beavercreek). “This is a necessary measure for those individuals who have been unintentionally breaking the law due to the recent Supreme Court ruling. It’s important that our gun laws here in Ohio reflect those at the national level.”

“This bill upholds our rights as citizens to safely and responsibly exercise our Second Amendment rights,” said Martin. “It’s very satisfying to be able to work on this bill and a wide breadth of different issues as we improve the quality of life in Ohio.”

House Bill 54 passed by a vote of 78-18 and will now move to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.


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