State Representative Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) announced today that the Clinton County Port Authority (CCPA) has been awarded $15.21 million in financial commitments from the Ohio Department of Development for the construction of a Joint Use Maintenance and Paint (JUMP) hangar at the Wilmington Airpark.

“The JUMP hangar project is a tremendous step in the right direction for our community and region,” Representative Rosenberger said. “This project would create 235 skilled labor positions, 24 administrative positions, and strengthen southwest Ohio’s leadership in aerospace-related industries. Our entire region benefits from this project.”

“As we continue to rebuild after the departure of DHL, it is vital to utilize the resources in our communities and emphasize our commercial viability,” he added.

Senator David Daniels (R-Greenfield) was also excited by the news, stating, “I am pleased with the efforts from the Kasich administration, regional and local officials all working together to make this project a reality. The JUMP hanger will be a great step forward to help revitalize the airpark and put area residents back to work.”

The 100,000-square-foot JUMP hangar would be built by the CCPA and leased to Airborne Maintenance and Engineering Services (AMES) and is expected to be completed in 2012. Once completed, AMES would utilize the hangar for airplane maintenance and painting. AMES current inability to perform aircraft painting at Wilmington Air Park significantly places it at a disadvantage to serve its current customers and attract new clients.

Recently, Representative Rosenberger has hosted several state and federal officials at the airpark to emphasize its importance to the state of Ohio, including the needed funding for the JUMP hangar. Among these officials was Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives William Batchelder who stated today, "From the beginning, the House Republican Caucus has been about job creation. Bringing jobs back to Ohio is the number-one way we can revitalize our state's economy. I am very grateful to Representative Rosenberger for his efforts in this regard, especially in his district, which has been hit particularly hard by the recession."

“We are pleased with efforts by Representative Rosenberger and other state officials to support AMES in growing its aircraft maintenance business,” said Joe Hete, the CEO of Air Transport Services Group (ATSG), parent company of AMES. “The state’s commitment today will allow us to complete an analysis of the project and move toward consideration by the ATSG Board of Directors.”

The financial commitments were cleared earlier today by the eight-member panel of the Development Financing Advisory Council of the ODOD following months of intense discussions involving state and local officials.

“I am grateful to Speaker Batchelder, Governor Kasich and the Ohio Department of Development for their leadership in making this project happen,” Rosenberger said. “Continued engagement with our region is vitally important as we forge ahead with efforts to rebuild our economy and create the jobs that our people need.”


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