House Majority Whip John Adams (R-Sidney) recently introduced legislation that will incorporate the study of historically significant government documents into the educational curriculum of Ohio students.

Specifically, House Bill 211 will require that the social studies curriculum for elementary and secondary students in grades 4-12 includes the study of the following:

-Declaration of Independence
-Northwest Ordinance
-Constitution of the United States (with emphasis on the Bill of Rights)
-Ohio Constitution

“We can’t expect our children to understand and defend the rights and freedoms the Founding Fathers intended for us—and that many people have died for—if they don’t have an understanding of how these documents led to the system of government we have today,” Adams said. “By giving these young people an understanding of our heritage, we are better preparing them to be active and productive citizens down the road.”

The study of these documents has recently been diminished in the standards and curricula developed by the Ohio Department of Education during the previous administration. If passed, the State Board of Education would be required to revise the standards and curricula to include the additional content.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear about this. As an average student, my son in high school is not given the opportunity to study these documents. Only the advanced students do. Why shouldn't the average student fully understand the founders' documents? They need to know so they can vote with the full knowledge of our country's history and not be misled by the political whims of educators and politicians. The current school leaders assumed they learned enough Early American history in K-8. WIth no greater than an eighth grade education of our founding documents, the vast majority of our future adult citizens will be unprepared to defend our country or vote wisely.

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