State Representatives John Carey (R-Wellston) and Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) today announced the passage of House Bill 128 from the Ohio House of Representatives. This legislation will help to improve public safety services by improving response times and helping to obtain funding for training programs.

In light of last year’s decision by the EMS Board to require all paramedic training programs to become nationally accredited by 2018, House Bill 128 would work with the EMS Board and the Ohio Department of Public Safety to revise provisions that govern grant programs to allow funding to help emergency training programs achieve national accreditation.

“This legislation would give vital resources and flexibility to emergency medical services that struggle to provide services due to limited funding and staffing,” Carey said. “One of the most important things lawmakers can do is to ensure that our communities back home are safe, and this bill takes a major step toward that goal.”

House Bill 128 would also address ambulance staffing by clarifying that an ambulance traveling to an emergency scene would only need one EMT or paramedic, who could also serve as the driver. Other personnel would be able to meet the ambulance at the scene to save critical time.

“In a time of emergency, it is vital for paramedics to be on the scene as soon as possible to assist those who need help,” said Peterson. “This bill will help to keep our community safe and recognize that in the face of an emergency, every second counts.”

The House Transportation, Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee included an amendment to streamline the process for contracting EMT services between a village and township. This amendment waives an unnecessary step in the fee collection procedure in an effort to make the process more efficient.

House Bill 128 passed unanimously and will now move to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.


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