Recently, Representative Nan Baker (R-Westlake) and Representative Marlene Anielski (R-Walton Hills) introduced comprehensive legislation that will provide oversight of internet sweepstakes cafés. The proposal will address electronic games that look like slot machines, which can mislead players and cause confusion for law enforcement.

Working with Attorney General Mike DeWine, the bill would clarify the legality of electronic games for law enforcement and to provide assurance to Ohio consumers who want to play skill-based games or participate in sweepstakes or internet cafes that they do not have an unfair advantage.

“Providing oversight of unregulated operations will provide disclosure and transparency for consumers and allow our law enforcement, charities, and legitimate businesses to operate fairly,” said Rep. Baker.

Under the proposal, any skill-based amusement machine or sweepstakes machine would be required to:

  • Undergo a pre-play certification process, effective six months after the issuance of rules by the Ohio Casino Control Commission.

  • Obtain a license issued by the Casino Control Commission and paid for by the applicant that certifies that the machines have been tested by an outside laboratory. The license would be required to be displayed for easy public inspection, and certification would be at the expense of the operator or manufacturer.

  • Post stickers on each machine providing an instant verifiable sign to law enforcement and proving that the operator has a license and that each machine has passed inspection.

  • Face criminal penalties for violating the licensing requirements. Importantly, the bill allows local governments to opt out of allowing sweepstakes operations in their jurisdictions.

"We want local governments and legitimate sweepstakes operators to know that we are willing to work with them through the legislative process to address any issues they might raise," said Rep. Anielski.

The legislation will now be assigned to a House committee, where it will undergo extensive debate and consideration.


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Good. Shut this garbage down, its ruining families everywhere.

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