State Representative Ron Young (R-Leroy) has proposed legislation to reform Ohio’s E-check testing regulations.

Young’s legislation will decentralize E-check car inspections and allow vehicle owners to have their vehicles E-check tested when they obtain an oil change or other vehicle maintenance.

“Over the past 15 years, E-check has proved to be an unfortunate waste of time and money,” Rep. Young said. “If we cannot eliminate E-check, I at least want to make it more convenient for vehicle owners in Ohio and less expensive to the state by decentralizing E-check inspections.”

Starting next year, vehicle owners in Ohio would be able to go to an approved oil change provider or service garage and have their vehicles’ emissions tested. The owner still will not have to pay for the cost of the E-check test, but the cost to the state for the test will be less than the current cost. “All Ohioans win under my legislation,” Young added.

Rep. Young said he looks forward to working with his legislative colleagues in the House as this bill is assigned to committee and hearings commence on the legislation.


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