State Representatives Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) and Andy Thompson (R-Marietta) today gathered with other statewide leaders as Senate Bill 2, which establishes the Common Sense Initiative, was signed into law by Governor John Kasich.

Roegner and Thompson introduced companion legislation, House Bill 94, in the Ohio House of Representatives to reform Ohio’s regulatory environment and encourage business growth within the state. The Common Sense Initiative Office will weigh the cost versus the benefit of any given regulation in order to establish a business-friendly environment in Ohio. Senate Bill 2 will also require each agency to establish customer service standards and integrate them into operations and performance evaluations.

“One of the ways that the General Assembly can help the economy is to create a climate that is friendly and inviting to businesses,” Roegner said. “A key component to a friendly business climate is a regulatory environment that is well balanced and defined by common sense. I’m very pleased that Senate Bill 2 passed with strong bipartisan support for the people of Ohio.”

“Today was a great day for the state of Ohio,” said Thompson. “With Governor Kasich and our colleagues in the Senate, we are working to create jobs for our communities and help our small businesses succeed. This is just one of the many economy-focused initiatives that we will be pursuing over the coming months.”


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