Speaker of the Ohio House William G. Batchelder (R-Medina) announced that House Bill 487, the mid-biennium review (MBR), will be separated into several pieces of legislation rather than passed as one bill.

Speaker Batchelder has released the following statement on the introduction of the new bills:

“Governor Kasich and his administration have put forth bold and innovative proposals to further improve Ohio’s job climate, enhance and improve the education of Ohio’s students, and reform and revitalize the operation of state government. House Republicans are poised to work diligently on these proposals and we are hopeful that the minority caucuses will join us in further revitalizing our great state.

“Members of the House have been thoroughly engaged in hearings on House Bill 487 for several weeks, and we are very pleased with the thoughtful testimony, constructive discussion and hard work that have gone into this legislation. Building on the effort that has already been invested in House Bill 487, we are separating the MBR into more issue-centric bills, which will give the Legislature the opportunity to give each bill ample consideration and focus, giving stakeholders and the public a chance to analyze the subjects that fit their expertise and interest. This will also give the respective House and Senate committees enough time to be thorough in their deliberations of matters that are specific to that committee. This comprehensive effort is one of the key ways we can keep Ohio’s momentum moving in the right direction—by examining the way Ohio is currently operating, improving the functioning of our state government and strategically investing in our communities.”

The MBR, currently House Bill 487, will be split into the following bills:

HB 490 (Landis/Dovilla) Veterans Services Veterans Affairs

HB 505 (Amstutz) Board of Tax Appeals Ways & Means

HB 508 (Beck) General Tax Law Changes Ways & Means

HB 509 (Blair) Local Government Local Government

HB 510 (Amstutz) Financial Institutions Tax Ways & Means

HB 511 (Beck/Gonzales) Tax Credits Ways & Means

HB 512 (Maag) Land Conveyances State Government & Elections

HB 513 (Maag) Lease/Leaseback State Government & Elections

HB 514 (Newbold) Real-time Traffic Transportation, Public Safety and Homeland Security


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